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New Arrival

Okay, so things got a little bit crazy these past few months. We registered Odin for Kindergarten. (Um, what the hell?!) He had been calling it "Flower Garden" for the longest time. We swapped daycares, bought a new car and have been working on the house exterior. My photography stuff has exploded for the better too. Okay, maybe that’s it but it sure as hell seemed busy.

We’re about to get even busier with our newest little bundle! Lindsay had a baby boy! And, in true Lindsay fashion, she has the most epic delivery story.

She had a rocky pregnancy right from the start. An early diagnosis of cholestasis, a shit tonne of puking her guts out, a quickly thinning cervix- all that super fun pregnancy stuff that we quickly forget as soon as babe busts out the gate.

She was expecting to be put on the induction list on April 4th at 37 weeks to decrease the chances of complications from the cholestasis for both her and the little bub.

Bub had different plans.

The nurses noticed mild contractions during Lindsay’s Non-Stress Test early that morning but was ultimately sent home to wait it out.

The contractions grew stronger on the drive home. Yes, she drove HERSELF home while in early labour! She’s a bloody warrior.

As she reached her house, the contractions grew more frequent and much stronger triggering a call to the hubby, Trevor, to get his ass home.

This was happening all too fast. She called her Mom to update her on the situation. Baby was definitely coming and 4 weeks early to boot! Mom’s neighbours happened to be a Nurse and a Paramedic. They urged Lindsay to call for an ambulance as Trevor arrived home.

The paramedics pulled into the driveway. They got Lindsay into the back of the ambulance. She knew she was at least 3cm dilated from an exam earlier that week but now she felt her body urging her to push. The paramedics were hopeful to get her to the hospital in time but NOPE. Lindsay’s body knew exactly what needed to happen and 2 pushes later a glorious baby boy was born.

Owen William

7lbs 9oz - 36 weeks gestation

March 30th, 2021 - 4:10pm

Everyone is settling in nicely. And by nicely I mean there is utter fucking exhaustion, heaps of laundry, spit up everywhere but an immense amount of love.

Stay tuned for more adventures.

Don't let the tiny humans kill you,

Jade + Lindsay


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