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  • How do I clean my teething accessories?
    Wash with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry. Don't submerge our products in water as the clip may rust and the wooden pieces may splinter and crack. ​
  • Is the wood treated?
    ​Nope! Our wooden beads and teethers and made from natural, untreated beech wood.
  • Can I request my own colour combination?
    You betcha! Aannnddd custom colours are of no added cost to you! Availability of colours may vary. Check out our colour options in the colour wheel. We have lots of different shapes and sizes available though stock is limited! Please don't hesitate to message us for more info!
  • My kid doesn't take a soother? What else can I use this clip for?
    The loop at the end of the clip can be attached to any of our wooden teether or even a lighter weight toy! We used a soother clip and attached it to an Oball during our flight to Hawaii to keep my son's toys from falling under the seat. Brilliant, right?!
  • Can I personalize your products?
    You betcha! Personalize almost any of our products for just $2! Please don't hesitate to contact us for more info!
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