Once upon a time there were some frustrated Mamas. Between them they had a handful of tiny humans. Tiny, teething humans. They met on occasion to provide one another solidarity and comradery as they ventured further and further into parenthood often sharing a bottle (or two) or their favourite vino. After one of the Mamas purchased a small, mixed bag of silicone beads online, they discovered great satisfaction in designing their own teethers. Alas, Brumbly Baby was born. 

Jade Stuart is a Respiratory Therapist, photographer and has 2 children just 19.5 months apart.

Lindsay Jones is a Registered Nurse with a little lady who is the ultimate foodie.

We're just some Victoria, BC Mamas makin' homemade teething accessories and loving it. Thank you for supporting our little shop!

Lots of love, 

Jade + Lindsay


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