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Garden Mayhem

My garden is going to be interesting this year.

The kids helped me plant the seeds. I had a plan of where each veggie seed would go and researched “companion gardening” because turns out some veggies thrive beside their friends and some don’t do so well.

Well I’ll be damned.

All the seeds went everywhere. It was as if a confetti seed bomb went off.

“To hell with your plans, Mom. We run the show now.”

Okay, they didn’t actual say this but I’m pretty sure this mantra was playing in their heads.

A few weeks ago I would have taken over and done it my way. Oh my, have things changed.

I took a course a few weeks ago (The Landmark Forum!) that has really allowed me to be free of the need for control over each and every little thing. It’s so incredibly freeing. It really opened my eyes to my blind spots - things I had NO IDEA we’re controlling my life. I feel like I’m able to enjoy these tiny creatures for who they are instead of incidentally and quietly (or not so quietly) stressing over the little things.

So stay tuned for a wild crap shoot of growth in our garden.

Don’t let the tiny humans kill you.

Jade + Lindsay


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