2-in-1 Teether + Pacifier


Our new pacifiers were created with a dual purpose in mind. The pacifier side was created to soothe your tiny human. The soft, pliable bite resistant nipple and large round shield mimic the comfort of Mama. While the teether portion was developed to provide teething relief with it's soft but durable handle ridges that also promote the development of fine motor skills through the independence of self soothing. Our pacifiers are seamless from end to end making them very easy to clean. 


These little beauties come in 4 gorgeous colours: Mint, Glacier Grey, White and Navajo 




Seamless Silicone Pacifier | Riley

  • As with any baby/children's accessories this product should not be used without proper adult supervision. Never leave an infant or child unattended with this product. This product does contain small parts and the customer assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the product is used in a safe manner. By purchasing this product the customer agrees that use and purchase of the product is entirely at the customer's own risk. Brumbly Baby, nor any of its agents, affiliates, or contact providers shall be liable in any way for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of use of the products. Periodically check product and discard immediately if it shows any signs of wear and tear or damage. Never use pacifier clip without a pacifier, toy, teether, or sippy cup attached to the loop end. The loop is long enough to cause baby to gag if he/she sucks it to the back of his/her mouth.

  • To care for this product: wash with mild soap and water, lay flat to dry. Allow to dry completely. For prolonged use, apply any natural polish.

Handmade Teething Accessories

Brumbly Baby

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